Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Power Of Mantra

I was reading Uncle Bob's "Clean Code: Args". It is a beautiful article written mostly in Java, with few English sentences. One of them jumped on me:

"To write clean code, you must first write dirty code, and then clean it".

You couldn't agree more. But you continue to write the dirty part in hope that one day you finally clean it up. Now you've got two problems. First: when too much dirty code is written, it hits a shit mark, and any cleanup becomes unthinkable. Second: when too much of dirty code is written it comprises a product, and they ship it. In either case, I bet you'll be browsing Workopolis. All in vain: good companies won't hire a developer who can't keep his shit under control. You'll find yourself in another shit factory.

Red. Green. Ship it!
This is the mantra of so called plan based development.
Put the whole program together. Make it work. Ship it before it falls apart.
And run away.

Red. Green. Refactor.
This is the mantra of Test Driven Development.
Make a little step. Make it work. Make it right.
And stay.

Which mantra is your Mani Wheel spinning?

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