Friday, September 29, 2006

Manager in Doubt: Help or Hinder?

DSC00123"Successful technical leaders employ a general style that we call problem-solving leadership. They focus on the process of innovation and they do soin three major ways:
* understanding the problem
* managing the flow of ideas
* maintaining quality
...leaders may use motivational, organizational, and informational means to accomplish, in the end, a better way of solving the problem"
...............Gerrald M. Weinberg

Major release is around the corner. I want to be on a front line. I am eager to execute my technical leadership. The question is, however: do I help or do I hinder?

I ask what the problems are. I run between product managers, testers, and developers and ask what the problems are. I carry information faster then light (at leat email), and I make people see each other and communicate. I participate in discussions, brainstormings and arguments as a facilitator. I contribute with my ideas, but I easily withdraw them then someone offer better solutions (and it happens all the time). I am immediately available to take responsibility and make a final decision when required, without delay. If they decided to burn some midnight oil, I stay with them and share the tough part and show that I really care. I charge the team with my energy, enthusiasm and passion. So I help.

Or: I run as a chicken with my head cut off, interrupt developers, and increase everyone nervousness to the level of panic. I call them off for all these little meetings and short coordinating meetings all the time, and bring more managers and testers with their opinions for endless arguments. I stick my nose into their work, into technical details as if I can understand it, and then I throw stupid irrelevant ideas that they have to listen. I jump in and make sporadic autocrative decisions without understanding a problem. I stick around in the office so when the night comes I make them feel bad when they go home. And all the time I run, rant and ramble loudly with idiotic smile on the face. So I hinder.

Whether I help or hinder, to me it looks identical. Which one is real? How can I possibly know?

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At 9/29/2006 07:36:00 AM , Blogger Paul L said...

How can I possibly know?

What is turnover like after your project? Are you getting internal transfers joining your teams, or are they transferring out?

That's your answer.

Great post.

At 10/05/2006 09:19:00 PM , Blogger TheFan said...

This site might help...

Do words "Code of Honour" sound like a good guide?
Does it really matter whether you write code or add value by selling a good product or service, for this matter?


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