Friday, September 15, 2006

Mastering Manager's Tools

Picture 093 One thing I learned in my years of experience in Software Development is to master the tools. You may be smart and intelligent, but it hurts to see a programmer who slowly dragging mouse from one dump menu to another and it takes him forever. But watching someone artisticly playing on keyboard like a jazz musician with blowing performance brings austetic pleasure and a light feeling of jealousy.

As I moved to the management, I got to play with different toys. I use less and less of Visual Studio and vi, and more and more of Microsoft Excel and Internet Explorer. Like them or not, I got to master them. Like with development tools I am looking for the Hot Keys to drug the mouse less and make more. Here come a few keyboard shortcuts I am learning:

Dmitri's Internet Explorer Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts:
Ctrl-O or Ctrl-L - new location
Alt-D - address box
F4 - brings a history of typed addresses
Ctrl-Enter - wraps the address with www. and .com. You type softwarefrontier, Ctrl-Enter, and get and go!

Dmitri's Excel Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts:
Ctrl-Blank - selects current column
Shift-Blank - selects current row
Ctrl-Shift-+ Insert. If a full row or column is selected, it inserts row or column. Overwise it brins up Insert menu prompting you of what shift you want.
Ctrl-Y - repeat last action. This kicks buts!
Ctrl-- delete selected cells
Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown - switch Worksheets.

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