Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Hate Software When I See It

Don't bother remind me the benifits the software brings to today. Not today. Today I have no patience to any more software failures. Three things just happend.

First, I opened up my Outlook calendar - everything is messed up! Time for all events has changed, reoccuring events disappeared, some others got lost, what a damage to me who lives out of calendar! Turned out to be a failure in Palm Treo syncronization. All attempts to fix it made it even worse.

Second, I opened my blog, it is gone! Instead, a page saying something like "softwarefrontier is currently unavailable. Please learn about better bloggins software" Heck, this better bloggins software just killed my blog as was trying WordPress import feature to import from Blogger!

Third... you don't wanna hear it. Enough.

I love software. I love it not only as the way I make my dollars. I love software because it works for me. In 1000 situations of everyday life it does it's job so seamlessly that I don't even see it.

But when I see it, when I notice that I am actually using software, it always shows it's ugly failing face. I have to stop my life and spend substantial time fixing something that I so used to get for granted. Auch! my pocket calendar is not synced up with the corporate one! Auch! how come I can't rant to the whole world any more? I get so pissed off that I go rant and flame on my own professional blog.

I hate software, but only when I see it. What an ambitious goal for adeveloper to write invisible software!

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