Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fitness for Agile Coach

Fitness is a must have job requirement for an Agile Coach. But I am not talking about acceptance tests with Fitness. I mean real physical fitness. Surprised? Think with me:

The magic of project success distills to a combined energy of the team focused to a shared goal. The primary role of Agile Coach to inspire the team, charge them with positive energy, enthusiasm and passion. Everything else is secondary technical details.

"The key to success is to raise your own energy; when you do, people will naturally be attracted to you."
- Stuart Wilde (as quoted in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker.)
We work for our teams. Do they need a coach who's a grim face expresses "it'sone of these days" every day? Do they get inspired by a manager yawning her motivational pitches? Do they get passion from an architect so tired of his own architecture that he looks as if he just lost all his relatives at once?

Charging the team takes a lot of energy. Ways more energy then one can get sucking coffee and crunching energy bars. Here the physical fitness kicks in.

Zig Ziglar says in his "How to be a Winner" program:
"I am so busy I don't have time not to run". When we exercise, we activate our body and get on a natural chemical high that lasts two to five hours. You're far more productive, far more creative and far more energetic. Finally, it feels good. And "Feeling good" is very contagious.

That is how maintaining physical fitness is a must have for an Agile Coach. Working knowledge of Fitness is only desirable.

Enough said. I am taking off for a run.

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