Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Software Professional Groups in Toronto

My review of Software Professional Groups in Toronto fetched contributions! Here are more professional groups to explore:

* Toronto Perl Mongers
* CIPS Toronto
* Mississauga Technology Association
* BitNet
* Information Technology Association of Canada for Ontario
* York Technology Association
(All courtesy to Michael Bolton)

* Toronto .NET Users Group (courtesy to Pablo Carbajal)

* Toronto Java User Group (JUG) (courtesy to Gerry Power)

To make a consolidated list, here go the groups reviewed in my earlier post:

* XP/Agile Toronto
* SCRUM Toronto
* TPMA - Toronto Product Management Association
* Toronto SPIN
* TASSQ, the Toronto Association of System and Software Quality
* DPSG, Design Patters Study Group Toronto

PS. More groups keep on showing up. I will be expanding the list below until the list is complete:

Toronto Python User Group, PyGTA:The group meets on the third Tuesday of the month at the Linux Caffe under the leadership of Mike Fletcher. Reported by the cofounder, Ian Garmaise.

Svetlana Korobov shared her great collection of Microsoft backed groups: DSC00131
* Canada Technology Triangle .Net UG :
* Toronto Visual Basic User Group:
* Metro Toronto .Net User Group:
* East of Toronto .Net User Group:
* Toronto SharePoint User Group:
* Toronto SQL Server User Group:
* Toronto Windows Server User Group:
* BizTalk User Group:

Hey, we can brag with a great professional community here in Toronto

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