Saturday, January 05, 2008

Santa brought me a pleasant surprise. I got a book in my mail, witch I neither bought nor ordered. It was "Software Teamwork" by Jim Brosseau. I had a privilege to review "Software Teamwork" as a member of Addison-Wesley reviewer's panel. I am greatly enjoying the final version.

The book gives a pool of experience from a software development manager veteran. Jim steps out of the modern agile hype publications by talking about cross-cutting concerns of software development. It is practical, it is real, at times arguable, and always well structured. On my book shelf I place it next to “Dynamics of Software Development” by Jim McCarthy, “Peopleware” by DeMarco and Lister, Scott Berkun’s “The Art Of Project Management”, and books of Steve McConnell's.

Reviewing a book turned out a great experience, too. It is much more work when I expected, but the joy of looking ahead of the public at exploring the newest ideas pays off for the effort. Hopefully my tiny contribution was helpful.

My warmest congratulations to Jim with the release of his book.

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