Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where is Dmitri?

In 2007 I almost disappeared. With a cosmic size of today's blogosphere noone would possibly notice, but in case you wonder what's on:

First, I had my dream vacation: 10 days bare-boat sailing in BVI. For those who are not into sailing, bare-boat doesn't stand for boating bare naked. But it's not less fun. For 10 days I enjoyed living a totally different life with totally different people in a totally different environment. None of my past accomplishments worth a dime and the things that matter is whether you strong, a good sailor, and

Second, I got called for a juror duty. This turned to be an interesting experience. Although not selected for the trial, I had a look behind the curtainS of the justice system. It also turned out a great programming retreat. In the office I don't have much chance to brush my programming. Here, sitting with my laptop in a huge lodge with ~200 people I found myself very productive catching up on programming.

Third, and the most exciting: a new born baby! With this I am taking some time off. More details are shared with close friends.

And all in between was tightly stuffed with my "Director of Software Development" duties.

I am not to make excuses, but to make a statement: I am back. In March, I may only do as little as another Reader's digest. But many ideas are drafted; as the spring comes, expect them to blossom here on

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At 4/13/2007 04:42:00 PM , Blogger Brian Mooy said...

I noticed Dmtri! :) I stop by every couple weeks to read what's going on since you always have something interesting to read.


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