Sunday, July 29, 2007

Virtual Subversion Appliance, and Ingore Filter for C#

My working with Virtual Subversion appliance has been a breeze. I had problem with network: every time I carried my laptop between two wired and two wireless networks, it used to loss svn server. It was elegantly resolution is to switch VM network adapter settings from Bridged to Host. Now I love it: Fire VMWare Workstation (5 sec), Resume VM (1 sec) yeah, does wake up quickly! Commit changes - I am getting to like Tortoise! Suspend VM, exit VMWare. Done, and the whole svn is gone as if was never present on my computer. In fact it wasn't :-)

To the second point. Working with C# project, I got to filter out the noise when committing changes. Here is my C# ignore list:


Tip: Files work fine if separated by a blankspace. However directories should be delimited with new lines. If you use TortoiseSVN, make sure to use a new line. Click on the image to see closely.

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