Thursday, March 29, 2007

Doug Schmidt, ACE God Farther

It's always great to talk to someone smart. I am just off from a conversation with Doug Schmidt, moslty known to me as a God Farther of Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) framework.

When talking to a smart person, speak less and listen more. The format of our talk ensured my talking less: I was just listening his interview while driving.

In this interview, Douge shared his vision on the state of the art of today's software development and his opinions on cutting edge directions. I liked his characterizing desc of Middleware. I liked to learn about his testing/QA experience on ACE and TAO: "It's crutual to have automated support for quality assurance". I was interested to know his opinions on Model Driven Architecture versus in his view to Domain Specific Modelling and Domain middleware verticals.

Very broad set of subjects from a very bright man, which you can enjoy from Software Engineering Radio

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