Sunday, April 08, 2007

Migrating ASP.NET AJAX based WinFX Monitor

The most interesting examples around Windows Workflow Foundation is John Flander's article on hosting Workflow Monitor in ASP.NET Web App with AJAX. One problem: since his post ASP.NET AJAX went to RC, then RTM, lost name Atlas, and support of some features. So John's app doesn't work on ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0 RTM. To figure out why, RTFM here and here. Main trouble is Microsoft.Web.Extension.dll has been renamed to System.Web.Extension.dll, luckily token is the same. So the fix was to rename it all over the Web.config, plus a few little changes. To save you troubles going through this routine, get a modified Web.config for John's example.

Disclaimer: Works for me :-) aka no testing. Enjoy.

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At 5/29/2009 04:50:00 AM , Blogger Hakki Yilmaz said...

I am having problem with Jon Flanders wf monitor. I wanted to use non ajax version for and an exception occurs at file DataSource line 54 like that
Could not load file or assembly 'Hosting, Version=, Culture=neutral...
Is there an idea with that


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