Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Reader's Digest #2: Writing, Receiving Criticism, and Hiring

From Paul Graham, again. I read his essey on writing Writing, Briefly. Then I printed two copies - one for me, one for my son who is into writing, to read it daily till it sticks. If you write, tell me I'll print you a copy. Or serve yourself: http://www.paulgraham.com/writing44.html

"How to give and receive criticism" By Scott Berkun. Common sence, structured. Nothing new but the fact this may be news to someone.

How does receiving criticism applies to software development? Directly and profoundly: It rases team productivity and improves the quality of software. Steave McConnel stresses technical and desing reviews as premium quality assurance techniques. Conducting reviews effectively is all about giving and receiving criticism. Handling criticism well indicates higher morale and better team dynamic that guarantees productivity improvement. Convinced? Think of probing this skill when hiring.

Speaking on hiring:
* another essey from Scott Berkun "How to interview and hire people". Again, common sence, structured. A few tricks to learn, but it's not about tricks, it's about interviewer's goals and attitude. I'm going to use it to refresh my perspective on hiring before plunging into massive interview race. For candidates, it worth reading to see what to look forward on the other side.

* also, check out "The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing" which Joel Spolsky updated to v3 in October 2006, reflecting changes with time passed since the first version. I like it even better now.

* and finally, Extreme Interviewing by Software Factory fellows.

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